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Keith Benson – Sales

2017 Club Car Onward 4 passenger

2018 Club Car Onward

Bulldog Golf Carts selling new and used golf carts

2018 Club Carts

  • See new colors
  • Custom seats
  • Custom tires
  • Custom enclosures

Bulldog Golf Carts Used golf carts for sale

Used golf carts

  • Great selection of used golf carts
  • Factory re-build
  • Serviced and reconditioned
  • Clean inside-out

Bulldog Golf Carts selling Carryall-500-Curtis-Cab

Utility golf carts

  • We sell and rent utility vehicles
  • Farm vehicles

Bulldog Golf Carts offers golf cart financing through Sheffield financing

Great Financing Available

1.99% for 48 Months

To qualified customers

Thru Sheffield Financial

Bulldog Golf Carts - Sales department- Keith Benson salesman

Call Keith Benson

357 Hwy 74N

Peachtree City GA 30269



  • 357 Hwy 74N, Peachtree City GA 
  • Next right after Delta Credit Union
New 2018 Club Car Onward on display at our new facility in Peachtree City

Come see Keith Benson with any question you may have regarding sales and financing or send him a quick email

Print this flyer here

Bulldog Golf Carts directions with a map to the new store open on Hwy 74 N Peachtree City GA

Come and visit us Monday thru Saturday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Bill Manto – Sales

New, used and dealer-rebuild golf carts on display
New store located next right after Delta Credit Union
Rentals available(pick-up and drop-off location)

Bulldog Golf Carts selling Club Car Onward Lifted 4 passenger

Bulldog Golf Carts offer for sale 2014 Dealer Rebuild Golf Carts

Bulldog Golf Carts - rental golf carts at new location on Hwy 74 N Peachtree City

*Only 4 passengers golf carts available for rental at this location. Limited quantity available.

Bulldog Golf Carts 4 passenger rental for rent at 357 Hwy 74 N, Peachtree City GA

Please call 678-545-0959 or click the button below to reserve yours at this location.

Daily $50.00

New Club Car Onward

Ray Evernham sizes up Club Car’s Onward® PTV

Driving ONWARD – Click here for full size video

Club Car, Onward® Together

Onward Lifted 4 Passenger Specifications

Bulldog Golf Carts selling Onward Lifted 4 passenger

Onward 4 passenger gas or electric specifications

Bulldog Golf Carts selling Onward 4 passenger golf cart

Onward 2 passenger specifications

Bulldog Golf Carts selling Onward 2 Passenger Non Lifted golf cart

What Makes Onward Different?

Club Car Onward Introduction

Onward is Available in Six Models:


What is PTV???  PTV! Hummm!Bulldog Golf Carts - What is PTV on Onwards
Onward Standard Safety EquipmentOnward Standard safety equipment
Onward Consumer Value Proposition

Onward consumer value proposition

Comfort and Ride QualityOnward Comfort and Ride Quality
Unmatched Personalization
Premium Features Standard
Standard Features, Lifted Models
Standard 10 and 14 inch Gloss Black Wheels

Personalization Plus: New Accessories

2017 ClubCar ONWARD brochure



Bulldog Golf Carts - 2017 Club Car Onward 4 passenger

Build your golf cart here

Bulldog Golf Carts - Personalization Plus New Accessories -

Learn about ClubCar golf carts
Club Car Logo
Visit our ClubCar website 

Bulldog Golf Carts and Club Car website

ClubCar accessories

Accessory Panel

Personal or Business

Bulldog Golf Carts - 2017 Club Car Villager

Introduction to new 2018 Onwards

Bulldog Golf Carts - 2017 Club Car Onward 4 passenger

Used golf cart inventory


Shop parts

Bulldog Golf Carts front picturesBulldog Supply Used golf carts for sale

Bulldog Supply Golf Cart Rentals

Rent a 4 or 6 passenger by the day, week or month

Bulldog Golf Carts 4 passenger rental

Bulldog Golf Carts 6 passenger rental

Accessory PanelBulldog Supply Golf cart parts
Available colors on 2017 Club Car Villager

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Tip of the day!

Golf cart safety5 ways to improve golf cart safety

Whether you’re renting a golf cart on the links, getting a fleet for work, or buying one for personal use around the campus or community, here are some pointers to help you stay on par with golf cart safety.

1. Wear your seat belt

Whether you’re the driver or the passenger, strapping yourself in is a big part of golf cart safety. And if your only option is a golf cart that isn’t equipped with seat belts at all, look for another one or don’t ride at all.

2. Slow down when turning

If you’ve been driving cars for years, you may be accustomed to accelerating through turns without a second thought. This, of course, is because you’ve always had the luxury of a door to hold you and your passengers in. In a golf cart, this isn’t the case.

To help keep everyone tucked safely inside, approach turns slowly and with extreme caution.

3. Honk the horn at intersections

Loud, sudden noises may be taboo on the golf course, but off it, they can be lifesavers. See, your golf cart’s lack of size can make it hard to spot in traffic. That’s why it pays to make yourself known ahead of time by tapping the horn before going through intersections.

4. Don’t drink while driving

This may seem like a no-brainer to some, but it bears mentioning. Whether you’re playing 18 holes, doing light yard work, or cruising a beach resort, there are times when cracking a cold one while driving your golf cart seems not only permissible but common. However, this is a dangerous misconception.

Remember, golf carts are subject to the same traffic laws and dangers as regular old cars.

5. Avoid sidewalks

Just because a safe speed for your golf cart is roughly walking pace doesn’t mean you should actually accompany those on foot. The safest riding route is typically on the street or designated recreational trails (where bikers and joggers know to expect you).

Of course, golf cart safety doesn’t end with these tips. To help ensure a successful ride each and every time, follow the same traffic laws and common sense guidelines you would in your car.