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Taking care of recommended maintenance services, it will prevent your golf cart from major expenses and repairs.

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Tune-ups for both Gas & Electric are an important annual function. An annual inspection on your golf car is much the same as going to your Dentist. Not only will the Dentist clean your teeth, they find out if something is wrong when it is small and easy to fix. Getting your golf car inspected once a year can be a very inexpensive way to maintain your golf car and fix any problems when they are small. And it’s painless.

Gas & Electric cars annually require the following:

  • Pressure wash car, undercarriage, batteries, Brakes inspected, cleaned and adjusted Increase tire pressure Grease points greased Check differential oil levels Check steering for tightness and wear Tighten all front suspension and check for wear on springs, spindles, bushings, etc.

Specific to electric golf cars:

Clean all battery tops with water and baking soda Remove and clean all battery cables, change as required

Top up water levels in batteries Spray battery cables with Battery Protective Spray Charge batteries, inspect battery charger for proper operation

Check battery trays for rotting/corrosion due to overfilling Every 8-12 years chargers do have parts that wear out and will need to be rebuilt when they quit working

Specific to Gas golf cars:

  • Oil change and filter Air filter change Fuel filters and spark plug changed as required Check and change all belts as required Check battery charging Inspect Starter Generator brushes Inspect fuel pump for leaks Inspect clutch for wear or rattling Inspect carburetors for proper operation and clean if necessary Refer to your owner’s manual or local dealer for specifics about your car.